Heritage and platonic music videos

Do you have one of those friends who thinks a certain culture is silly just because he or she is from that particular culture? Well, I used to be that friend.

Being Chinese and growing up in Sweden, a place which perhaps can’t be any further or more different from China, everything I learned about Asian pop culture came from the Hong Kong dramas my mother used to watch when I was a teenager.

Being the ’Harry Potter reading’ and ‘Death Cab for Cutie listening’ youngster as I was, I couldn’t understand why some of my friends (Asian and Non-Asian) were into Asian pop culture. It was all about semi-attractive guys singing about broken love in platonic music videos, where a hug would be rated as PG-13, or TV shows with the same painfully bad actors in every one of them.

I could understand that my non-asian friends liked it because it was ’hipster’ (called ‘alternative’ in my time), but for me it was just a huge cliché. But as you can tell, things have changed - dramatically.

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